Friday, December 2, 2011

Home Improvements

We were busy getting the house spic-n-span by our self imposed Thanksgiving deadline so it would look lovely for our guests!  Here are several before & after shots (I also realize I need to work on my photography skills...)

New paint (same but different color)!  Old color was way faded and crackily all over :(  See after to the left and before on the right.

Leave it to an engineer to arrange with perfection...

Our favorite wedding photos and "W" I found at a garage sale!

We bought this "Crate & Barrel" beauty on Craigslist for $150

Apparently the previous owners have never used coasters #waterringsallover

After ~10 layers of sanding, 1 coat of stain & 3 layers of varnish - no more water rings!

Now all my cookbooks fit!

I used the leftover river rocks from my wedding to make this...

Turns out we need a bigger one for our company :P

For just Andrew and I it will do :)