Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

I document this day not so much as a vent or a pity party or a reason for you to laugh at me, but as a way to document the days of raising an infant so that I can look back and remember what it was like and how far we've come.  Here we go...

February 18, 2013

6:00am - Elijah wakes up an hour earlier than usual and will not soothe or nurse back to sleep.  I guess we're up for today!

6:30am - Me to Andrew, "No I don't want any coffee, when Elijah goes down for his nap, I'll sleep with him."  Ba, hahahahaha!

7:30am - the one part of our day that is routine is the "hour after awaking nap."  Elijah gets fussy so I put him down for a morning nap.  I nurse him and soothe him then put him down for a nap.

7:35am - Elijah wakes up

8:00am - trying to soothe Elijah back to sleep without success, let's carry on with our day and try again later

8:30am - already time to try another nap - rocking, white noise, soothing...Elijah is off to sleep in about 30 minutes

9:00am - Elijah wakes up...try to put him down again with rocking and soothing and nursing

9:30am - Elijah goes from seemingly sleeping to waking again.  I have a melt down.  I resolve to have no more melt downs today no matter what!  I realize that I am trying too hard to make him sleep...

10:00am - I actually got a shower!  My new trick is to bring the gym in the bathroom so he can play while I'm showering.

10:30am - Elijah is actively grabbing the rings on the gym; he grabbed them at least 5 times and of course they went straight for his mouth.  I gave him a break from being on his back and put him on his tummy and lo-and-behold he rolled over to his back!  It only took a second so I'm glad I was watching - the best part of my day!

11:00am - after all that working out he was tired so we tried to go down for a nap again.  He went down pretty easily.  I went in to the kitchen after he had go to sleep and Smokey left me a "present" - two poop logs!  It's this new little game he plays while I'm in the nursery.

11:15am - before I could clean up the poop, Elijah awoke.  He got to prop up on the Boppy while I cleaned up poop and then fixed my lunch (doesn't that sound appetizing).

11:30am - Elijah, now frustrated because I have been ignoring him, is crying, so I hold him while I eat my leftover ravioli, and leftover peas mixed with leftover noodles. 

11:45am - Elijah is still fussing, so he must be hungry.  I nurse him while simultaneously eating my yummy leftovers

12:30pm - time to go to the grocery store!  Elijah plays so cutely & quietly in the car now.  Rarely do we have crying spells unless he's hungry or needs a diaper change.

12:45pm - after 5 minutes of being carried in the Erog, Elijah is zonked out - he musta been tired.  I decided I needed chocolate covered coffee beans while shopping.  What a treat.

1:15pm - Elijah wakes up after around half of an hour, I almost buy hazelnuts instead of Brazil nuts for a recipe, whew.  Somehow Nutella found its way into my basket too.

1:45pm - I get out to my car and there's two big scratches on the back panel from my next door parking spot neighbor opening his door into me, grrr.  I wait around for around 20 minutes to confront him, not really knowing what I would say but figuring the words would come to me in the moment of confrontation. No one ever came and Andrew said he can probably buff the scratches out.

2:15pm - Elijah is drowsy on the drive home so I smoothly let Smokey outside and slip Elijah out of his car seat and into the crib when I get home.  Success!  He is deeply, contently asleep.  Forgetting about Smokey, I hear him barking incessantly demanding to be let in.  Barking also means baby wakes up.  As Smokey snuck in, the door slammed behind him because the wind blew it shut. 

2:20pm - Baby Elijah wakes up.

3:00pm - I go in the nursery to comfort Elijah & try to woo him back to sleep.  While bending down to pick up my pillow that I prop under my arm while sitting in the rocking chair, I bump poor little baby's head on the corner of the chair arm :(  He screamed one of those silent screams that stabs your heart.  Whoa is me. 

3:30pm - Elijah and I fall asleep in the rocking chair (I actually fall asleep and get a nap!). 

4:00pm - I am awakened by Smokey incessantly barking again.  No one knocked on the door.  I sneak Elijah (again) into his crib to go make sure no one has snuck in and is robbing the house.  Nope.  Someone (God forbid) must have been walking down the sidewalk to spur the barking. 

4:05pm - Elijah wakes up (again).

4:15pm - I take Elijah outside for some fresh air - he's still crying, I would be too if I couldn't get any naps in!
5:30pm - Andrew comes home to take over because I teach yoga on Monday evenings. 

6:00pm - Andrew and Elijah go on a nice walk then come home.  While carrying Elijah into the kitchen Andrew feels something wet running down his arm.  Diaper blow out!  Diarrhea leakage!  Smokey pooped in the kitchen, and Elijah peed in the kitchen all in one day!

6:30pm - Elijah has a bottle

7:10pm - Andrew texts me "losing control"

7:30pm - I nurse Elijah, he is in control and content drifting off to sleep

7:45pm - I hold him for awhile longer to make sure he is asleep, then put him in his crib

8:00pm - Baby wakes up

8:15pm - Andrew can't console him, so mama nurses him again.  This time he is asleep.  Now I finish fixing dinner

8:30pm - We sit down to dinner and finally have some time alone.

9:00pm - Andrew goes into the kitchen to get us a piece of Valentine's red velvet cake and drops a knife on the floor

9:05pm - Elijah wakes up

9:30pm - Andrew soothes Elijah to sleep

The End - for that day.