Thursday, September 27, 2012

7 Months Prego!

The belly is getting BIG.  I'm definitely starting to get uncomfortable.  I'm not complaining yet, because I know BIGGER is to come.  (Man, I looked cute at 4 months :)). 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last Travels Before Baby

Andrew and I have been packing in our traveling the latter part of summer before the arrival of our bundle of joy.  We had plans to go to Mexico for a wedding the end of October, however since Baby Woo will make his or her arrival around the same time, we decided to switch our Mexico airline tickets for a "babymoon" vacation!  The most economical option to trade our AirTran tickets from San Antonio was Tampa, FL.  We stayed at a lovely St. Petersburg bed & breakfast for 3 nights.  My favorite breakfast meal was a tempura poached egg - Y.U.M.

We went to the beach complete with a picnic from an Italian market

Crazy cool trees.  Originated from India

St. Petersburg at sunset

In front of our bed & breakfast - The Dickens House

On the same weekend that Andrew went to Denver for Caleb's bachelor party, I also took a weekend to "party" with my Chicago peeps!  Beth was a gracious host for the weekend, making sure I was always well fed and hydrated.  The weekend was filled with fun and friends and went by WAY too fast! 

Beth got us some sweet newborn Hawkeye gear!  We'll be ready for the Minnesota game (and maybe even a couple more before that too)!

PT mini-renunion

I had the best baby shower - complete with Hawkeye tailgate.

More Hawks gear!  The jersey will be ready for next season and the bib will inspire the baby forever.


Newman Center Reunion

What is left of the delicious spread that Beth prepared - including black bean burgers for us vegetarians

Go Hawks!

Chicago skyline from Soldier Field

We were threatened by beer bongers that we could not leave the parking lot unless we did a beer bong - Adam Muckler saved the day :)

Last, but certainly not least, we will attend the Stoll/Church wedding in Nashville!