Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a wonderful Easter!  Started off with mass, then a trip to Bed, Bath, & Beyond (they seemed to be the only store open) to buy a 20%offsale+20%offcoupon roasting pan from our registry, then breakfast tacos!  The rest of the day we worked hard to make our house sparkly clean and clutter-free (garage sale next weekend!).  The best part of Easter was sharing it with our "Austin Family" for a pot luck dinner.  Very similar to our Christmas dinner 2 years ago, we represented many religions - Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, Orthodox & Hindi!  Some how it ended up that the Hindu guy knew more about Catholicism & Jewish that the Catholics & the Jew :)  We dined on a variety of dishes - Indian samosas, fresh spring salads, corned beef & cabbage (from garden grown cabbage, care of Eric & Katherine), roast chicken (thanks new awesome roasting pan!) and of course the Easter ham!!!  We topped it all off with a "chocolate stout bread pudding" (chocolate+bread+ice cream on top=perfection) and the Mexicans made the American classic "apple pie."  Delicious food & awesome fellowship!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Menu

My first and foremost goal as a married woman is to keep my man happily & healthily nourished.  Here's what we plan to have at the dinner table this week...

Cheese & Herb Chicken/Tofu with zucchini and Italian bread with dipping  oils

Tamales (practically coming out of our ears - left over from the wedding) with Mexican rice and black beans

Make Your Own Pizza

Shrimp Pad Thai (Cooking Light recipe)

Poached Salmon (Cook's Illustrated recipe) with Maccaroni & Cheese and salad

Herbed Artichoke Chicken (from our new CrockPot!) with Polenta and salad

Easter Ham with pot luck with friends!

I'm Married - Time to Blog

I'm married and unofficially a Wooster!  (I won't officially change my name until later this summer...).  Now that planning a wedding does not consume all of my free time -  I'm going to blog!!! This blog is a way to share stories of our family with yours.  I hope to post lots of neat pictures of our adventures in traveling, cooking, raising a wiener dog named Smokey, and having fun in the ATX.  I also accept any newlywed advice, so that I can be the best wife I can be!