Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Holidays 2012


Grandma "Nana" Wooster and Uncle Howard came down to Austin for Thanksgiving to meet Elijah.  Elijah (and Nana) enjoyed great sleeping in grandma's arms and being spoiled with Christmas gifts and kisses.  I got a treat also, as I got to cook all day while Nana babysat.  We had a yummy Thanksgiving meal with all the fixin's!  My best dish and favorite of all the family is consistently Sweet Potato Casserole (Cooking Light, November 2008).   


 We braved the normally 6 hour (but 7-8 with a newborn) drive down to The Valley to spend Christmas with The Brown's.  They originally met Elijah when he was just 2 weeks old.  Now being 2 months old he had really changed - filled out face, smiles, and of course BIGGER.  We had fun taking Elijah for a walk in the state park, sitting around the fire, and getting a mini-date night as Andrew and I went to the hot tub while Grandma Brown babysat.  We ate very well during our trip and of course Elijah was again spoiled with more Christmas presents. 

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